April 30, 2014



(San Fernando Valley, Calif.) -- Today, U.S. Rep. Tony Cárdenas (D-San Fernando Valley) announced that his staff would avoid eating meat on Monday of each week. In both Washington, DC and San Fernando Valley offices, staff will avoid meat at the beginning of each week to raise awareness of healthier eating decisions. Long a fan of education in nutritional choices, Cárdenas discussed the opportunities for healthier living with staff before making the decision.

 “Eating right is a good way to encourage a healthier worker and a healthier working environment,” said Cárdenas. “All good nutrition choices begin with moderation and I think skipping meat one day each week is a great way for my staff and I to send a message to the Valley that smart choices can be made anywhere.

“The environmental impact of curbing meat consumption is important as well. It should come as no surprise that factory farmed animals create more carbon and methane than vegetable and fruit production. No one who is concerned about climate change should be able to accept the status quo, where our agribusinesses and food consumption are concerned.”

Going meatless on Mondays will begin next week. May 5th will be the first Monday of an all-veggie diet for the staffers of the 29th District.

Each week, Cárdenas’ staff will also post their favorite non-meat recipes on social media outlets.

All of Cardenas’ staffers have been asked to participate in meatless Mondays. The effort will continue through the 113th Congress.