FY23 Community Project Funding

Project Name: Support to increase inclusive and equitable STEM workforce and Allied Health Programs 

Intended Recipient: Los Angeles Mission College 

Address: 13356 Eldridge Ave., Sylmar, California 

Requested Funding: $2,000,000 

Summary: The goal of the project is to increase highly in demand STEM workforce by creating a comprehensive program to support non-English speaking foreign-born STEM workers in addition to those new to STEM fields and interested in entering the STEM professions. The goal of the project is to expand the current offerings of the Allied Health programs to include vocational nurse, phlebotomy, cardiovascular technician, and medical assistant to meet the workforce demand in the community. 

Signed Financial Disclosure Letter: LAMC_FDL

Project Name: San Fernando Gardens – Adapting to Climate Change 

Intended Recipient: HACLA - Housing Authority of Los Angeles County 

Address: 2600 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, California 

Requested Funding: $3,573,240 

Summary: The Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles’ San Fernando Gardens Public Housing residents are experiencing the dramatic impact of climate change on their day-today lives. HACLA did not initially build San Fernando Gardens in 1955 to withstand climate change such as record-breaking heatwaves and the ongoing strain on our electrical grid. To adapt the site to mitigate climate change’s impact and provide relief for 1,586 residents, San Fernando Gardens proposes a community project to upgrade the site with 448 energy efficient air condition units. 

Signed Financial Disclosure Letter: HACLA_FDL

Project Name: STEAM & Civic Program for Youth and Teens for San Fernando  

Intended Recipient: YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles – Mid Valley 

Address: 6901 Lennox Ave., Van Nuys, California 

Requested Funding: $2,000,000 

Summary: This project seeks to provide proven, essential programs for Valley youth and teens that address key areas of need in the community including disparities in educational opportunities and access to 21st Century learning options; the provision of STEM/STEAM programs that support youth STEM and STEAM education and help advance the next generation of K-12 students with a focus on in-demand skills (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math); the creation of workforce development and career pathways and gaps in civic education to ensure young people get and stay involved in leading our community forward. 

Signed Financial Disclosure Letter: YMCA_FDL

Project Name: San Fernando Police Department Mental Health Clinician 

Requester: City of San Fernando 

Address: 117 North Macneil St., San Fernando, California 

Requested Funding: $800,000 

Summary: The City of San Fernando’s Police Department interfaces with residents and business owners on a regular basis. Through their outreach and engagement model, they have a keen understanding of community issues and households that can benefit from mental health and social services. The San Fernando Mental Health Clinicians will support the Police Department with critical incidents, outreach services for mental health services, and support 988 cases. 

Signed Financial Disclosure Letter: SFPDMentalHealthClinician_FDL

Project Name: Community Empowerment Through Education Project 

Intended Recipient: Plaza Comunitaria Sinaloa 

Address: 15012 Harvest St, Mission Hills, California 

Requested Funding: $800,000

Summary: The project seeks to expand on current educational programs as well as implement a series of workforce development programs that provide low-income individuals with equal access to better job opportunities and certification completion. The programs allow non-traditional students to continue their education and gain valuable skills that prepare them for a new career path. 

Signed Financial Disclosure Letter: PCS_FDL

Project Name: Practice Transformation to Bridge the Digital Divide for Virtual Care 

Intended Recipient: Northeast Valley Health Corporation 

Address: 1172 N. Maclay Avenue, San Fernando, California 

Requested Funding: $1,655,000 

Summary: This project aims to increase technological capacity in efforts to improve access to care for low-income, predominately Latinx patients. This project will implement new and automated patient engagement solutions which will connect with patients through an electronic health record to help monitor and improve health outcomes. 

Signed Financial Disclosure Letter: NEVHC_FDL

Project Name: Keeping Families Together - Providence Holy Cross Medical Center (PHCMC) Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Expansion 

Intended Recipient: Providence Holy Cross 

Address: 15031 Rinaldi St, Mission Hills, CA  

Requested Funds: $750,000 

Summary: With 12 beds currently and an average 11.5 daily census, the Level III, California Children’s Services approved NICU is always at capacity. PHCMC must expand the NICU to accommodate these fragile infants and support an underserved population (disproportionate share hospital – DSH – with over 75% of the patient population on Medi-Cal) that depends on their services. The Keeping Families Together NICU expansion will expand the NICU from 12 to 18 beds, upgrade technology and increase space to provide state-of-the-art care and support to reduce the need to transfer vulnerable infants, separating families. 

Signed Financial Disclosure Letter: PHCMCNICU_FDL

Project Name: Pre- Health Career Enrichment Program (PHCEP): Increasing access to post-secondary healthcare education 

Intended Recipient: Vida Mobile Clinic 

Address: 1519 Woodworth St. San Fernando, CA 

Requested Funds: $1,350,000 

Summary: Vida’s Pre-Health Enrichment Program increases access to post-secondary healthcare education by providing students from under-resourced communities with mentorship and enrichment opportunities. This program helps pre-health college students obtain the tools necessary to become competitive applicants to medical schools, physician assistant programs, and nursing programs. This program establishes university partnerships and outreach to high schools. 

Signed Financial Disclosure Letter: VMC_FDL

Project Name: Juvenile Justice Diversion Program (JJD) 

Intended Recipient: Champions In Service 

Address: 12605 Osborne St, Pacoima, CA 

Requested Funds: $722,222  

Summary: Through networks and partnerships with local law enforcement and the District's Attorney's Office, youth will be diverted and enrolled into the Juvenile Justice Diversion (JJD) program to reduce the Juvenile Justice impact. JJD will also receive referrals from community based organizations (CBO’s) that will give community members the opportunity to make referrals for youth who are potentially on the pathway to juvenile delinquency. JJD will take a holistic approach in providing services which will address mental wellness, substance abuse and violence prevention to create positive outcomes. The program will consist of enrollments, intake assessments, care plans and intensive case management to meet our client’s needs and goals. When a youth completes the program JJD will inform and notify the referring agency to ensure the removal of any pending charges.  

Signed Financial Disclosure Letter:  JJD_FDL

Project Name: Empowering the San Fernando Valley Initiative 

Intended Recipient: Community Development Corporation (ICON CDC) 

Address: 14553 Delano St, Van Nuys, California 

Requested Funds: $500,000  

Summary: The ESFI-SBA project seeks to expand on the current Business Development program administered by the North and South Valley BusinessSource Centers, which currently offer entrepreneurial training, business consulting, and access to capital to Small businesses and Micro Enterprises located in the City of Los Angeles only. Additional funds will allow ICON CDC to include businesses in the City of San Fernando and other non-City of LA areas with the goal of creating more job opportunities in the CA-29 district.  

Signed Financial Disclosure Letter: ICONCDC_FDL

Project Name: New Directions for Youth, Health & Recreation Center Renovation 

Intended Recipient: New Directions For Youth 

Address: 7315 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, California 

Requested Funds: $1,000,000 

Summary: NDY’s Health & Recreation Center Facility will be renovated to provide additional mental health, wellness, educational and employment services to low-income youth and families. NDY’s Center would requests $1.5 million dollars to renovate their existing facility to increase our ability to provide mental health services to low-income, underserved youth and families. 

Signed Financial Disclosure Letter: NDY_FDL

Project Name: Boys and Girls Club of San Fernando Valley Workforce Development Program 

Intended Recipient: Boys & Girls Club San Fernando Valley 

Requested Funds: $500,000 

Address: 11251 Glenoaks Blvd, Pacoima, California 

Summary: The goal for this funding is in line with the Club Theme, "Building Great Futures...one youth at a time." Boys & Girls Clubs of San Fernando Valley (BGCSFV) Workforce Development Initiative is designed to promote the development of critical employment skills among youth through research-informed youth development practice, training and experiential learning opportunities that lead to first job readiness and a plan for pursuing postsecondary and/or career aspirations. BGCSFV's Workforce Development Initiative increase teen's employability through career exploration, mentorship, opportunities to earn credentials, soft skills training, technical skills training and career experiences. Funds would be used to support San Fernando Valley youth with programs such as: College and Career Center, Exploring LA project, Teen Summit, Workforce development- KOLLAB, adding a Development & Marketing position and Program support staff and building up Social Emotional Programs along with classes and discussions about Social Justice.  

Signed Financial Disclosure Letter: BGCFSFV_FDL

Project Name: Family Empowerment & Economic Legacy (FEEL) 

Intended Recipient: Neighborhood Legal Services of Los Angeles County 

Address: 1104 E. Chevy Chase Dr, Pacoima, California 

Requested Funds: $817,006 

Summary: Family Empowerment & Economic Legacy (FEEL) project disrupts the generational trauma caused by incarceration by providing legal, socio-emotional and economic support to low-income, justice-involved individuals and their families. Using a trauma-informed approach, a team of legal and non-legal advocates will partner with justice-involved individuals to identify and address legal, social and health issues that create barriers to their self-sufficiency, and their family’s well-being. 

Signed Financial Disclosure Letter: FEEL_FDL

Project Name: Los Angeles Peacemakers: Creating Community Safety and Reducing Violence 

Intended Recipient: Urban Peace Institute & Los Angeles Violence Intervention Coalition 

Address: 9512 South Central Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90002

Requested Funds: $7,400,000  

Summary: The Los Angeles Peacemakers initiative will reduce violent crime and save the lives of residents who are disproportionately impacted by gun violence. With federal funding, UPI will train and 3 support 8 – 12 community-based intervention agencies who will work on-the-ground to reduce violent crime in target areas. Each agency will be required to hire two full-time Community Intervention Workers (CIWs), seven Peace Ambassadors, and finance personnel. There is an emphasis on capacity-building to ensure smaller organizations develop the needed administrative and fundraising acumen to leverage other public and private revenue streams to grow their organization and impact. UPI will train community agencies, CIWs and Peace Ambassadors to develop their understanding of the initiative, provide street-level services among the highest need individuals, and collect the necessary data to document their effectiveness. LAVIC partner agencies work to create peace by responding 24/7 to shootings, preventing violent retaliations, conducting rumor control, providing family and individual case management, host food distributions, as well as providing youth mentoring programs and community events. UPI has worked in partnership with LAVIC intervention agencies for over a decade, including managing direct contracts with the City and County of Los Angeles with five agencies to provide intervention and community outreach services. 

Signed Financial Disclosure Letter:UPI_FDL

Project Name: Cool Pavement and Shade Structures  

Intended Recipient: City of Los Angeles Mayor's Office 

Address: 200 N. Spring St., Los Angeles, California 

Requested Funds: $2,500,000 

Summary: The Cool Pavement and Shade Structures project will implement cool pavement on 10 street segments in the San Fernando Valley of the City of Los Angeles. This project will also include the fabrication and installation of up to 30 shade structures designed to fit over bus benches at 30 bus stop locations within California’s 29th Congressional District. These structures will provide shade, shelter, and relief for public transit users from the effects of extreme heat. 

Signed Financial Disclosure Letter: LAMO_FDL