Member Designated Projects

The House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure (T&I) plans to advance surface transportation authorization legislation later this spring, building on H.R. 2, the "Moving Forward Act," from the 116th Congress. Chairman Peter DeFazio announced that the T&I Committee will formally accept requests for projects from House Members.

This process is a way for Congress members to bring direct support to their district by requesting funding that is allocated directly to their state or local government. The form below must be completed in its entirety and E-MAILED to While this is an excellent opportunity to meet pressing needs in the district, it is not guaranteed that any supported projects will be approved. As a result, the relative strength of the applications submitted against the pool will determine which projects are sent to Committee. Therefore, the application form must be completed as thoroughly as possible. All applications are due by April 16th. Those submitted closer to the deadline will give less time for vetting, which MAY affect selection chances.