July 29, 2014



(Washington, DC) -- Today, U.S. Rep. Tony Cárdenas (D-San Fernando Valley) spoke to Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler, following a letter Cárdenas sent to Wheeler requesting mediation by the FCC in the negotiations regarding the broadcast of Los Angeles Dodgers games.

Wheeler thanked Cárdenas for his letter, crediting it for movement in discussions that were previously stalemated. Wheeler also indicated that he would be calling the CEO of Time Warner Tuesday afternoon to discuss the issues surrounding Dodgers broadcasts.

Carriage fee questions had previously stymied discussions taking place between Time Warner Cable and several cable and satellite providers. Following the Cárdenas letter, U.S. Rep. Brad Sherman (D- Sherman Oaks) sent a letter to Time Warner Cable and DirecTV suggesting binding arbitration. Subsequently, Time Warner Cable proposed binding arbitration to DirecTV, one of the providers involved in the dispute.

Cárdenas has not taken a position on binding arbitration.

In his conversation with Wheeler, Cárdenas reiterated his desire for all of the companies involved to come together and find a solution that is fair to consumers.

“I appreciate the opportunity to talk to Chairman Wheeler this afternoon,” said Cárdenas. “Ensuring that all of Los Angeles has the opportunity to watch our Dodgers fight for the National League West is very important to me, because it is important to the people of the Valley. If the letter, sent by my colleagues and myself, means fans of Clayton Kershaw get to watch his next start, that’s progress we can all appreciate. I also look forward to continuing to work with Chairman Wheeler on this and other issues of importance to my constituents and all Americans, particularly vertical integration, consolidation and other issues within the changing media landscape.  

“I also thank my colleague from the Valley, Rep. Sherman, for his efforts to bring closure to these negotiations. All of us bleed Dodger Blue, and we can’t wait to watch Vin Scully each and every night.”

The letter to Chairman Wheeler was sent by Cárdenas on July 25th and was co-signed by Sherman, as well as Los Angeles-area Representatives Roybal-Allard, Chu, Lowenthal, Linda Sanchez, Hahn and Brownley.