July 17, 2018

Rep. Cárdenas: Trump's Putin Summit Puts All Americans At Risk

Trump’s summit with ruthless dictator Vladimir Putin put our national security and the safety of all Americans at risk. This was an opportunity to show American leadership against a thug who murders his critics.  Instead, Trump cowered beside him. Russia, now emboldened, will continue to undermine our American democracy while Donald Trump acts like Putin’s puppet.

The Russians interfered in our American elections, and an ongoing investigation has led to dozens of indictments and guilty pleas. Yet Donald Trump has chosen the word of a Russian dictator over the word of law enforcement officials, the entire intelligence community and the Senate Intelligence Committee.

I’m glad to see that a handful of my Republican colleagues have appropriately criticized the president, but actions speak louder than words. The American people are demanding action. Republicans have chosen political fear of the president over the safety of the American people.

The Republicans in Congress hold the power to immediately schedule a vote to protect the American people and the Mueller investigation.

This isn’t about politics. It’s about safety for the American people.