April 18, 2014



(San Fernando Valley) U.S. Rep. Tony Cárdenas (D-San Fernando Valley) is no stranger to hot sauce, including Sriracha, the Thai sauce popularized by Huy Fong Foods from their factory in Irwindale, California. However, Huy Fong Foods is now facing a lawsuit over its factory. After a November 2013 ruling ordered Huy Fong Foods to cease operations that could have received community complaints, the company is examining a number of options. Today Representative Cárdenas asked Huy Fong Foods to consider the San Fernando Valley if relocation ends up being their only option.

In a letter to Mr. William Tran, President of Huy Fong Foods, Cárdenas emphasized the San Fernando Valley’s manufacturing tradition and offered to provide material on federal relocation programs as well as local market and trade information.

“California’s 29th District is home to a vibrant network of businesses,” said Cárdenas. “Why send Huy Fong Foods off thousands of miles away when they can stay in California and create jobs here?”

Sriracha sauce, Huy Fong Foods’ most popular product, brought in $60 million in sales in 2013, all with essentially no marketing.

Cárdenas' letter is printed below the list of press coverage of his invitation.





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April 16, 2014


Mr. William Tran

President, Huy Fong Foods, Inc.

4800 Azusa Canyon Road

Irwindale, CA  91706


Dear Mr. Tran,

As you work with the Irwindale City Council and consider your next business move, I would like to encourage you to keep Huy Fong Foods, Inc. in California. If relocation is the only viable option, I ask that you consider moving your facility to the San Fernando Valley.  The San Fernando Valley has plenty of manufacturing zones, especially in the 29th Congressional District.  My district has a long history of manufacturing and we would welcome your company with open arms.

By now, you may have been directly contacted by individual states to move your business there.  But why move thousands of miles, when you can keep jobs in California, the state you founded your successful company in?

Please consider me and my staff as resources while you consider your next steps.  My office is ready and willing to be of assistance at the federal level, offering any guidance on programs that could help with your transition to the facility and with providing further market and trade information.  In addition, we can be helpful in facilitating conversations with California and Los Angeles economic development agencies, as well as specific helpful connections throughout the region that can offer guidance on incentives for companies interested in relocating to the San Fernando Valley. I am confident that you will find officials at the federal, state and local levels who are interested and willing to assist.

If you have any questions or have further requests, do not hesitate to contact my Chief of Staff, Sam Jammal, at (202) 225-6131.  I look forward to working with you.





Member of Congress