Environment and Climate Change

Throughout his time in public service, Tony has been a leader in the fight against climate change and strong protector of the environment. Tony understands that the climate crisis is a serious threat to our planet, our national security, and economic prosperity.

We've witnessed the devastating effects of climate change from the raging wildfires right here in California to the frequent hurricanes ravaging our coasts. We can and must do more to address the climate crisis now before the damage becomes irreversible. As a member of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, Tony has dedicated much of his time in Congress to finding solutions to the climate crisis. From his early days in the California State Assembly and the Los Angeles City Council, Tony has never stopped advocating and pushing for cleaner air, safe drinking water, and renewable energy. In 2004, Tony worked to ensure that the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) generated at least 20 percent of its electricity from renewable energy sources by the year 2017. During his last term on the City Council, L.A. not only did Los Angeles meet their goal, they set a new goal to move to 35 percent renewables by 2020. That commitment to leave a better world for the next generation has stuck with Tony and he’ll never stop working for bold, actionable policy to combat climate change and protect our environment.