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Congressman Cárdenas on the passage of HR1, the #ForThePeople Act

Mar 8, 2019
Press Release

The American people elected the new Democratic Majority to reform Washington. Today, we honor that promise by passing the For The People Act to protect American citizens' right to vote.

I have protected the right to vote for more than 20 years, from the halls of the California state capitol to the Halls of Congress, and I will continue to fight to make sure that every American has that right.

This bill is also a bill of second chances. The For The People Act also restores the right to vote to Americans who served their full sentences and paid their debts to society.

Somehow, not a single Republican voted for this bill. Yet consistently we find these same Republicans supporting voter suppression and restrictive voter ID laws in their home states

But here is the truth: It should not matter who your parents are, the color of your skin, or where you live. If you are an American citizen, you deserve to vote without fear, intimidation and discrimination. Period.

We must fight FOR THE PEOPLE because this is still AMERICA, and in America there is nothing more sacred than the right to vote.