March 11, 2019

Statement from Congressman Cárdenas on T-Mobile Response to Lifeline Letter

In February, I led the effort to send a letter signed by 50 Members of Congress asking T-Mobile and Sprint about their future commitment to the Lifeline Program should their merger gain approval from the Federal Communications Commission and the Justice Department. These 50 Members of Congress represent districts from across this great nation, from coast to coast and from small towns to big cities.  We all agree that Lifeline is vital to Americans who have fallen on hard times and need mobile access to call 911, to stay in touch with their families, and to find jobs.  

 This week, T-Mobile sent a response to our letter laying out, for the first time in detail, it’s future plans to continue participating in the Lifeline program and committing the resources needed to make the services accessible. I appreciate T-Mobile responding to our questions and look forward to learning more specifics about how the proposed New T-Mobile plans to commit resources necessary to make Lifeline participation increase year over year.  Should the merger go through, I look forward to receiving updates on New T-Mobile’s actions to assure mobile services for vulnerable populations for generations to come.