December 23, 2022

Cárdenas Secures Over $26 Million in Community Project Funding in Spending Bill Headed to the President’s Desk

Legislation lowers the cost of living, creates better-paying jobs and supports working families

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, Congressman Tony Cárdenas (CA-29) voted to pass the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2023, which includes over $26 million in Community Project Funding for programs and initiatives in the Northeast San Fernando Valley. The funding would support job creation, youth programs, mental health care, community empowerment, improvements to healthcare and more. Congressman Cárdenas recently delivered over $12.5 million in federal Community Project Funding to the Northeast San Fernando Valley.

“My top priority in Congress has always been to make sure that Valley families get the resources they need to thrive,” said Congressman Cárdenas. “That’s why I’m so proud to deliver nearly $27 million in funds that would go directly to 15 organizations working in community empowerment, workforce development, juvenile justice, healthcare, education and more. Not only will this funding have a profound impact on our community, but it will make a real difference in the lives of Valley families. I will continue to work in Congress to secure federal dollars that will help the Valley now and for years to come.”

Congressman Cárdenas secured the following in Community Project Funding: 

Education/ Workforce Development

1.     $2,000,000 for the Los Angeles Mission College for health and STEM programs services.

2.     $2,000,000 to the YMCA in Van Nuys STEAM and civics education.

3.     $800,000 for the Plaza Comunitaria Sinaloa in Mission Hills to expand educational programs and implement workforce development programs.

4.     $500,000 for the Boys & Girls Club of San Fernando Valley in Pacoima for a youth workforce development initiative and supportive services.

5.     $500,000 for ICON CDC in Van Nuys to create opportunities and provide entrepreneurial training.

6.      $1,000,000 for the New Directions for Youth in North Hollywood to improve recreational facilities and equipment.

Environment, Climate Change and Infrastructure

7.      $3,573,240 for the San Fernando Gardens in Pacoima to install energy-efficient air condition units for residents.

8.     $2,500,000 for the City of Los Angeles to install cool pavement and shade structures.

Community Empowerment

9.     $817,006 for the Neighborhood Legal Services of Los Angeles County in Pacoima to help families and individuals improve their legal and social well-being.

10.  $7,400,000 to the Urban Peace Institute & Los Angeles Violence Intervention Coalition to improve public safety and reduce violence.

Mental Health and Healthcare 

11.  $800,000 to the City of San Fernando for mental health crisis response services.

12.  $722,222 to Champions In Service in Pacoima for mental health and supportive services.

13.  $1,655,000 for the Northeast Valley Health Corporation in San Fernando to implement new telehealth services. 

14.  $750,000 for the Providence Holy Cross Medical Center in Mission Hills to expand NICU units for newborns.

15.  $1,350,000 to the Vida Mobile Clinic in San Fernando for programs to support pre-health postsecondary students.

 Detailed summaries of the community projects can be found here. In addition, Congressman Cárdenas secured the following wins: 

Mental Health

  • Language from the 988 Implementation Act, legislation sponsored by Congressman Cárdenas, which will provide funding to the 988 Lifeline and improve the continuum of care for mental health crisis services. A detailed list of wins from the 988 Implementation Act included in the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2023 can be found here
  • Language from the Parity Implementation Assistance Act, legislation sponsored by Congressman Cárdenas, which will provide grant funding to enforce compliance with mental health parity laws. 


  • Language from H.R. 1219, the ABLE Age Adjustment Act, legislation sponsored by Congressman Cárdenas, which will expand access to a program that allows people with disabilities to save money.

Consumer Protection and Commerce

  • Language from H.R. 3752, the Pandemic Effects on Home Safety and Tourism Act, legislation sponsored by Congressman Cárdenas, which will require the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to study the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on injuries and deaths associated with consumer products. 

National Museum of the American Latino and American Women's History Museum

  • $10.3 million in funding for salaries and expenses account for the Latino Museum.
  • $9.5 million in funding for salaries and expenses account for the Women’s Museum.

Criminal Justice/Juvenile Justice

  • $115 million in funding for Reentry Employment Opportunities (REO).
  • $400 million in funding for Juvenile Justice programs, $75 million of which will go to Title II State Formula Grants, and $65 million will go to Title V Delinquency Prevention Incentive Grants. 

A detailed summary of the Consolidated Appropriations Act is available here